* is a workportfolio and blog of Veronika Kovacsova.  She is an urban design student (Master programme) at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, the Netherlands and holds a Master degree in Social Sciences (urban sociology / University of Amsterdam).

Besides her academic education, she has four years of experience working between the field of urban design and research at renowned offices in Amsterdam and Vienna. Currently, she is working on her graduation project dealing with the topic of urban climate (finishing end of october 2013) and working as an urban designer and researcher at feld72 architecture and urban strategies in Vienna (August 2013 onwards, February – July 2013 as an intern).











If you would like to drop her a note, feel free to do so at hello[at]stadachtig[dot]nl

* IPA: /stad:ɑxtəx/ is an adjective and could be translated from Dutch to English as ‘city-like’. The meaning and content is very broad and open, however connected to intriguing, fascinating, but also every day urban issues.

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